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Thanks Amid,I&#39;m 说:
2016年9月26日 17:16

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Stokkan Herkusta lö 说:
2016年9月26日 13:40

Stokkan Herkusta löytyy hiivaton vaaleahko leipä, muistaakseni nimeltään &quot;kreikkalainen leipä&quot; tms. Jotain kolmen puolen ja neljän eugendaalin väliltä kustantaa.

Woot, I will certain 说:
2016年9月25日 22:52

Woot, I will certainly put this to good use!

Re: HT here!Agreed! 说:
2016年9月24日 02:33

Re: HT here!Agreed! Cocktails are needed! Glad you liked your nickname. I saw the adds for the NKOTB concert on television and thought to myself, &#8220;I wonder if she has an Amex to sign up for priority tix?&#8221;I still giggle every time I hear that song and us thinking that Phil Collins story was real.

Liebe Biene,macht di 说:
2016年9月22日 10:34

Liebe Biene,macht dir nichts draus &#8211; das ist meistens der Pure Neid von undankbaren Menschen, die nichts besseres zutun haben als sowelche unnötigen Kommentare von sich zu geben.Ich glaube ich spreche für viele, wenn ich sage, dass wir dir wirklkich Dankbar sind für die Arbeit die du dir täglich machst und schätzen dich sehr als Person. Lg,Maria

fantastic post, very 说:
2016年9月20日 22:57

fantastic post, very informative. I wonder why the other specialists of this sector do not realize this. You must continue your writing. I&#8217;m confident, you have a huge readers&#8217; base already!

Ooh lucky bargains! 说:
2016年9月20日 09:26

Ooh lucky bargains! I&#39;ve just cleared out my wardrobe and even now the clothes can move I still take ages humming and hawing in front of it! :)

Waahh.. emang kalau 说:
2016年9月20日 08:22

Waahh.. emang kalau pembanding harus banyak punya partner ya mbak.. karena makin banyak yg dibandingkan pasti mereka makin berusaha utk menjadi yg termurah dong

Hey, Bubba Brown, an 说:
2016年9月19日 10:16

Hey, Bubba Brown, anyone of us could debate Iggy and leave him in the dust. The Conservatives can turn the tables on the Liberals when it comes to &#8220;the secret agenda.&#8221; The difference is that the Liberal &#8220;secret agenda&#8221; is real, to steal the election via the coalition. So we have to repeat it continually, loud and clear: &#8220;the Liberals want to steal the election with a coalition.&#8221; Actually, using the same method the Liberals have been mouthing. The difference being that their message is repeated lies.

That cinnamon date s 说:
2016年9月19日 09:34

That cinnamon date slice sounds so freakin&#8217; delicious! Also &#8211; totally loving that you dig cute bento stuff too&#8230; The only difference between us being that you have kids to use as an excuse

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